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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using the keyboard?

Plug the ArithmeType keyboard into the USB port of your computer (or USB adapter). Please see the Keyboard Operation Manual for further instructions.

Is the ArithmeType keyboard a calculator?

No, it is a way to type on the computer, do your own work, and show what you know!  However, it is compatible with online calculators such as  Desmos and DeltaMath.

Does this keyboard work on all sites and documents?

Due to many different coding systems in use for mathematics in the digital world, it is not possible for all keys to work correctly on all applications. In general, the standard keys found on a QWERTY keyboard will work across multiple programs; however, the special characters may not.

Will my regular keyboard still work while the ArithmeType keyboard is plugged in?

YES, both keyboards work simultaneously.

How do I use the Google Docs EQ key?

1. Push the purple "Start Google Docs EQ" button.
2. Choose the button for what you want to do next:

          a. For a fraction: push either the purple a/b button,

          b. For an exponent, start typing your equation and then use the exponent button when needed to                               insert the exponent

          c.  For a fancy square root with extended top bar, push the blue 2nd button followed by the square root                     button

How do I exit the Docs EQ?

Simply push ENTER until the box disappears.

Does the Docs EQ button only work in Google Docs?

Yes, it only functions correctly in Google Docs on the first key press.  It will not perform correctly in Google Image, Sheets, or Slides due to programming differences between those sites. Fortunately, many documents can be converted into a Google Doc and then the keyboard will function properly.

However, it will also function correctly on Microsoft Word and OneNote based documents in Windows OS. First push the 2nd key and then push the Start Google Docs EQ key, which allows it to become a Microsoft Word or OneNote Equation editor.  

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