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Universal Math Keyboard:
The Power of Typing Math Simply

If your student is struggling to complete math assignments because writing is difficult, then the ArithmeType keyboard, app, and website will help to simplify this process. The hardware keyboard conveniently locates the numbers, operations, common math letters and symbols in one plug-and-play device that works alongside your own computer.  The output of math is therefore more fluid compared to a standard QWERTY keyboard. Our new iOS app launched in June and replicates the hardware keyboard. It makes keys easy to find and uses popups to avoid confusing screen changes.  In addition, math formatting pages help with the proper alignment necessary to show mathematics work, which can be difficult to do on a blank document. We hope the keyboards and math pages will greatly enhance the mathematics output that so many learners struggle with. At ArithmeType our goal is to give all students the power of typing math simply.

Math keyboard with 3 sections, each containing 6 rows and 4 columns. All keys are math related symbols.

Hardware Math Keyboard for computers: Chrome/Linux, Mac, and Windows OS 


  • Plug and play keyboard

  • 71 keys

  • Buttons to change to desired OS

  • Works alongside QWERTY keyboards

  • Online and offline use

  • Removable covers to tailor to student


UDL Accessible Technology Solution for individuals with:

  • Autism

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Coordination difficulties

  • Dyscalculia

  • Dysgraphia

  • Dyspraxia

  • Fine motor skills deficits

  • Intellectual disability such as Down’s syndrome

  • Memory issues

  • Neurological disorders

  • Visual impairment

IT Specifications

Web browser: Optimized for Chrome

Compatible Operating Systems:

  • Hardware Keyboard (OS)

    • Chrome

    • Linux

    • Mac 

    • Windows

  • On-screen Keyboard (iOS)

    • iPad​

    • iPhone

Compatible Platforms/Editors

  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and OneNote

  • MacBook Notes, TextEdit

  • Websites: ArithmeType, Desmos, DeltaMath, and most standard websites

  • Extensions: EquatIO, MathType, OrbitNote, Kami

  • Screen Readers*: NVDA, JAWS (hardware keyboard), VoiceOver (iOS only) (*see product details in the Shop tab for more information)

Limited Compatibility with the following:

Apps: KiwiWrite Math, Free Math App

Screen Readers: ChromeVox on Chromebook, VoiceOver on MacOS

photo of a laptop computer from the side, partially open

The Power of Typing Math Simply

The true perfect embodiment of integral math outputs sits awaiting

the near effortless motion of my really simple finger presses that do

Exactly what they are all meant to, even without the worry of recall of

A forgotten shift, alt, control, or some code that I may have

Tripped up on for the hundredth time and had a uh oh moment again

No, my output path of simplicity has saved me from this tangled web which

Bound up my brain power to sort out and has allowed me to focus my

Attention on the power and beauty of the math that I just finished typing

                                                                                         --Shaun Canas, age 15

"This keyboard is a game changer."

-Bob Dolan, Founder & Principal of Diverse Learners Consulting

"We've been looking for something like this for years."


"I love it!"

-Attendees at the 40th Annual Closing the Gap Conference

ArithmeType Math Keyboard App for iOS:
Rated 5-Stars on the Educational App Store

iOS app keyboard divided into 3 sections. Each section has 6 rows and 4 columns containing math symbols.

Math Keyboard App for iOS

Popup of superscript keys showing number, abc, and symbols keys

View of pop-up window for exponent

"For many apps a math student may already own, ArithmeType feels like the missing feature that lets them shine"
-Teacher review, Educational App Store

"ArithmeType uses context-sensitive pop-ups to give students relevant options without the mental load of a whole new keyboard and layout"
-Teacher review, Educational App Store

"ArithmeType is a great quality-of-life improvement for any math student"
-Teacher review, Educational App Store

How does this app benefit teachers?
"It makes entering math into an app shown on a shared screen much easier. Juggling class control, lesson structure, and the math itself is a heavy cognitive load and having ArithmeType make typing much easier eases this burden on teachers."

"When the keyboard uses pop-ups, it clusters associated functions together, making for useful opportunities to teach about similarities and differences between them."
-Teacher review, Educational App Store


Factoring Polynomials

Plot using arrow keys and enter

About Us

Doctor Mom and Autistic Son

Dr. Shannon Canas and Shaun Canas standing in the sun in front of a Best Buddies photo screen.

I am a physician and mom of a 17-year-old son with regressive autism.  I am witness to the failure of the current educational system for children that struggle with motor issues and cannot show what they know.  Until he was 12-years-old, Shaun was trapped inside an uncooperative motor system that would not let him plan or carry out novel actions like using a pencil.  All of this changed when an insightful teacher during intensive summer learning program helped Shaun learn to type and connect his body and mind.  Although he learned to type his language assignments independently, his ability to use a traditional laptop keyboard to type math was problematic due to number placement, shift keys and cryptic special characters.  In addition, on-screen keyboards did not provide sensory feedback and required multiple screen changes.  Shaun dreamed of a way to type math fluidly with just a keyboard. The accessibility gap and his dream propelled me into action. In collaboration with an electrical engineer, we created ArithmeType to help fill this void and make math truly accessible. Perhaps you know someone who might also benefit from using ArithmeType.

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